Specifying Veneer  

Our goal at Specialty Woods Veneers is to assist our clients in finding and selecting the best possible option for the highest quality wood products. Each type of wood has characteristics and distinct features to its own, the beauty of wood is that no two trees are the same. This exquisite uniqueness does present challenges when selecting wood. Let us guide you through some of the considerations and help you select and reserve the ideal wood for your project.  

Once you or your client have selected a species there are several important aesthetic choices to be made. You must determine which cut, color, figure, match, grain, size and lengths you’ll need.  Being a natural product, wood has its limitations. These limitations are different among the many available species. For example, some species of trees only grow to a certain height or size, therefore a larger scale project in certain species may present some challenges that other species wouldn’t.  

The more information we are provided, the more help we can offer in securing the perfect log. Below are several of the considerations we can help navigate through and some questions that you can ask to make the veneer selecting process simple and informative.  

Wood species  Is this species widely available? Is this species cost effective? What are some related or matching species that we can offer? These are all very common questions for wood veneer and should be asked first. We’re eager to provide all this necessary information so never hesitate to contact us.  

Cut – Refer to the veneer cutting method guide veneer cuts & matching for full information on this. The different cutting methods offer very different appearances and options within wood species.  

Figure – Figures and natural patterns are even more unique to certain species. We explain which figures are possible for each species. For example, if a client likes the figure or pattern of Curly Maple, but they want that same pattern in another species, we can help narrow down which species you can find that same figure/appearance in.  

Grain types and Appearance – Some prefer the look of a wide grain to that of a tight grain, some projects call for a narrow heartwood as opposed to a wide heartwood appearance. In some species such as Black Walnut, you’ll see grain variations such as uniform or contrast. We can help by providing samples or photos showing the different options available.  

Color – Even within the same species, it is very common to see a wide range of hues and tones between different logs. The best way to ensure the client is satisfied with the wood selection is to provide samples and narrow down the likes and dislikes. For complete discretion and client satisfaction, we offer the choice of reserving logs so the client gets exactly what they’re expecting.

Ask about our free veneer information sessions

Let us visit you and spark your imagination and creative process with one of our veneer information sessions. Are you hesitant to explore new wood options after a bad experience? Are you or your design team not comfortable with all the different options and limitations with natural wood? Have one of our friendly and knowledgeable wood experts come down for a short presentation and Q & A session.

Request a sample binder

Looking for new or different design options for your next wood project? With over thousands of different wood species, grains and patterns, choosing a wood veneer can sometimes be overwhelming. Let us help with one of our fine wood veneer sample binders. Designed to spark your imagination and help you find that one of a kind look for your next special project.