Reconstituted Veneers

Reconstituted veneer, also commonly known as engineered or manufactured veneer, is a man-made veneer. It’s a process that uses veneer cut from fast-growing trees, glued into a large block. The manufacturer can create unique styles and patterns from a combination of dyeing both the glue or veneer and then using different veneer cutting methods. This process allows for styles and patterns to be re-created for mass production.  

Reconstituted veneers are ideal for large-scale projects that require matching colours and grain patterns. Commonly available in 8’ lengths and 10’ lengths, this consistency leads to higher yields and makes for an easier product to work with.  

In order to provide the best selection of reconstituted veneers, we’ve teamed up with different manufacturers from around the world. We offer a wide range of real wood replicas and one of kind patterns and designs. We’re confident we can find the perfect reconstituted veneer for you, contact us today for samples and more information.