Specialty Wood Veneers is committed to the responsible use of the world’s natural and renewable resources. Being part of an industry that solely depends on wood, we value this natural resource and have even more reason to actively support and promote the protection, sustainability, and management of our forests around the world.  

This commitment includes our energy is spent ensuring the species we handle are FSC® certified wherever possible. Responsible forest management helps to safeguard our forests to be legally harvested and managed. Wood is the only material with third-party certification programs in place to verify that products originate from a well managed resource. With the help of these regulations and programs, using our responsibly procured wood often leads to higher rated LEED projects. 

Utilization – With the advancement in technology and in cutting techniques, wood veneer is by far the best utilization of this precious renewable natural resource. By selecting wood veneer for your next project, you are selecting a natural resource that is not only truly renewable, carbon positive and energy efficient but naturally beautiful as well.  

Unmatched – When specifying any materials, it is important to consider their life cycle environmental impacts. Wood products are by far the best building material. Wood has less embodied energy, is responsible for lower air and water pollution, and has a lighter carbon footprint than other commonly used building material.  

Connection – It is proven that people feel an instinctive connection and attraction to natural materials. Combined with our passion and commitment to the safe and sustainable procurement of this wood, you will feel an unparalleled appreciation and sense of comfort with your wood project.